Morison KSi

ILV SILVER is a member of Morison KSi, an association of independent audit, accounting and taxation firms. Morison KSi is represented in 375 offices in some 88 countries around the world.

Each member firm is an independent legal entity in its own right and controls its own operations. This ensures that each firm has a complete knowledge and understanding of the local culture, which is vital when setting up or developing a business.

The Morison KSi membership consists of well-respected firms providing high technical standards and specialised services. Our international organisation aims to provide commercial and practical advice based on specific needs.

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Quantera Global

ILV SILVER is an alliance partner of Quantera Global. Quantera Global is the world’s leading independent transfer pricing advisory firm, providing specialist transfer pricing services to multinationals of all sizes across the globe. Quantera Global has offices across Europe and Asia. Its alliance partners are spread across the globe such that Quantera Global and its partners can provide a lean, multi-jurisdiction service without the complications and extra cost of the global accounting networks or law firms.

ILV SILVER and Quantera Global do not work in isolation but instead establish a real model of cooperation with your organisation, as well as with your other advisors. We know from experience that close collaboration and a comprehensive understanding of your business results in practical support that truly meets your needs and brings value to your business.

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