In line with its commitment to educate and inform the public on the significance of transfer pricing to multinational corporations and to international taxation as a whole, Quantera Global reorganised its social media structure and implemented an integrated approach in online communications management. While Quantera Global has been active on LinkedIn and Twitter since 2013, this announcement marks the next step in the expansion and full integration of its social media program.

As the transfer pricing firm move forward and grow globally, Quantera Global’s management saw the greater need to promote business transparency, strengthen customer engagement and reach out to their team members, alliance partners, industry peers and corporate audiences using the channels that they frequently visit. Given this scenario, they have identified 5 important social networking sites (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and YouTube) where their followers and likers can interact directly with the members of the company’s corporate communications team.

Page followers and likers are guaranteed to get valuable information about Quantera Global and transfer pricing through the implementation of “rich content production approach” being spearheaded by the corporate communications office. The social networking sites will frequently highlight topics about transfer pricing including its implementing rules and regulations, news updates and significant case studies. Page visitors can also expect editorial content from relevant articles, expert insights on related topics and thought leadership pieces from Quantera Global’s pool of transfer pricing specialists.

Posted October 21, 2015 2:41 pm by Quantera Global