ILV SILVER takes a different view of audit. We believe that audit should really be useful to the client, and that the audit process should be a help and not a hindrance. Our partners and managers are hands-on and we do not send a team of inexperienced juniors.

ILV SILVER provides financial audit services in the following areas:

Statutory audit

  • Statutory audit services for individual and consolidated group company accounts.
  • Audit of other financial statements, merger or transformation balance sheets.

Financial Reviews

  • Agreed-upon procedures financial reviews and limited reviews.
  • Review of accounting and financial information for mergers, acquisitions or similar operations.

Expert Opinions

  • Independent expert opinion reports as required by current legislation.
  • Expert assistance, verification of facts and opinions for legal proceedings.

Funds and Grants

  • Audit of Spanish and other grants, in accordance with relevant grant criteria.
  • Control of systems and procedures for the management of European Union funds and grants.
  • Review of accounting information for the justification of grants.


Carlos Vallmitjana
Carlos Vallmitjana
Miguel Angel Arranz Alés
Miguel Angel Arranz Alés