We offer corporate law services to a wide range of clients from technology-focused start-ups to established multinationals, on both domestic and international transactions. We draw on help from friends across the globe, from both members of our sister association, Integrated Advisory Group, and others, to provide a coordinated approach in handling your complex multi-jurisdictional requirements and due diligence exercises, smoothly and efficiently.

  • Company and Business Law
  • Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A)
  • Sale and purchase of shares and participations
  • Group restructuring
  • Drafting and review of legal contracts
  • Assistance to non-resident companies (local legal counsel, emission of legal opinions etc.)
  • Assistance to Spanish companies operating abroad

We believe that our clients’ time is precious. We take on the burden of bureaucracy to allow our clients to focus on their business. We provide a range of legal services for clients from around the globe and work fluently in English as well as Spanish.

Company secretarial services

  • Company and branch establishment
  • Filing of statutory documentation
  • Maintenance of shareholders’ registers
  • Issuance of bearer certificates
  • Redemption of shares
  • Organisation and administration of General Shareholders’ Meetings
  • Provision of a registered company address for the receipt and administration of all company legal, tax and banking documents


Luis Izquierdo Planas
Luis Izquierdo Planas
José Martos Vallecillos
José Martos Vallecillos