ILV SILVER provides an integrated and comprehensive tax service offering our clients tailored tax solutions according to their needs. Through our networks and associations, we provide an international tax service that is invariably leaner and more direct that most large, international firms.

We provide the following tax expertise:

  • Tax planning
  • Group companies
  • Private wealth and family-owned businesses
  • Tax efficient remuneration planning
  • International tax planning
  • Assistance with mergers and acquisitions
  • Transfer Pricing
  • Setting up tax efficient group structures
  • Group restructurings
  • Special tax regimes, for private equity funds, and for mergers, share disposals, asset contributions and share swaps
  • Spanish special tax regime for foreign security holding companies (ETVEs)
  • Property and IP holding structures
  • Preparation of annual tax reports in readiness for potential tax inspections
  • Assistance with and management of tax claims and judicial procedures
  • Preparation and review of tax declarations
  • Value Added Tax
  • Personal Income Tax
  • Real estate taxes


J. Ignacio de Lara Martí
J. Ignacio de Lara Martí
Elisenda Carol
Elisenda Carol