With its Mediation services, ILV SILVER provides an alternative method for the resolution of conflicts, both personal and business, in a confidential, flexible and efficient way, either through face to face meetings or via electronic communication. The mediation agreement, reached voluntarily by the parties in dispute, is binding and can become enforceable.

Our active involvement as a Mediator could be as your representative in any kind of mediation procedure, to present your request and documentation for settlement, or to advise you with Bankruptcy Mediation.

The main advantages of Mediation are as follows:

  • Confidential process for all parties, including the Mediator who acts as an impartial and neutral third party before the disputing parties.
  • Short time frame in which resolution is reached.
  • Reduced cost compared to that of court procedures.
  • Enforceable agreements through a public deed or court approval.
  • It is voluntary and can be suspended or terminated at any time.
  • High success rate in reaching an agreement.
  • By remaining focused upon confidentiality and upon ensuring that all parties are satisfied, you can more effectively maintain both personal and business relationships.
  • It can be through face to face meetings, video conferences or by other electronic means.
  • A simplified Mediation process exists for claims below 600€.
  • During the Mediation process, the parties cannot exercise judicial actions for the same purpose.
  • Parties to a judicial proceeding may seek a suspension in order to initiate Mediation.

Request for mediation or information regarding the mediation process

Please contact jmartosv@ilvsilver.com

Out-of-Court Settlement Agreements

Out-of-court settlements enable a flexible and quick negotiation of debts.

At ILV SILVER we can prepare the necessary documentation for your settlement request, and also lay out the corresponding payment and feasibility plans, for both businesses and individuals.

In the case of an individual business person (individual, professional or freelance), in an insolvent position or believing they will not be able to meet their recurring payment obligations, negotiation is possible providing that their liabilities do not exceed five million euros.

In the case of legal individual or company in a state of insolvency or having been declared bankrupt in relatively straightforward circumstances, with sufficient liquid assets for the agreement expenses, a Settlement Agreement would also be recommendable.


José Martos Vallecillos
José Martos Vallecillos