ILV SILVER provides a range of valuation services for a variety of purposes. Our approach to valuations places as much emphasis on the qualitative as the quantitative. The purpose of each valuation is of paramount importance, as is an understanding of the key value drivers. Our personalised methodology means that we spend considerable time discussing with management in order to understand the business and the valuation objectives. We have a particularly strong focus on the valuation of intangibles (patents, licences, brands etc.).

Valuation Purposes

  • Transactions: including buy and sell side assistance and valuation support for corporate finance.
  • Tax: including the valuation of shares and for other taxable events.
  • Financial reporting: including Purchase Price Allocation (PPA) and Annual Impairment Test.
  • Disputes: including independent expert opinions and financial litigation support.

Valuation Tools

Our team uses the latest available techniques to deliver high quality valuations. In so doing, we have developed special financial models and tools incorporating the following methods:

  • Discounted cash flow
  • Relief from royalty method using database analysis
  • Asset-based approaches
  • Historic and forecast earnings ratios
  • Option pricing


Carlos Vallmitjana
Carlos Vallmitjana
Steven Van Wijk
Steven Van Wijk